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“More than gender, fashion must express freedom by wrecking boundaries and challenging human categorical thinking..."

- S A I F   B E N   S L I M A N E,   F A S H I O N   D E S I G N E R

T R A N S T Y X,   A  Q U E E R   F A S H I O N   S H O W

Seif Eddine Ben Slimane is a multi-talented artist: fashion designer, costume and accessory designer and makeup artist. Seif collaboated with Moncef Zahrouni to design the play and the film's costumes. 

Seif turned the theater stage to a fashion runway and invited 12 queer models to present his couture collection "TranStyX, Expériences d'Outre-Tombe". The collection uses a binary color scheme: black and white and mixes different sources of inspiration from the Tunisian traditional costumes through the classical smoking. Seif tore down the walls that separate the genders and exalted through his collection one identity: ART!

The Fashion show took place right after the play's last show during the artistic season 2021-2022. In order to guarantee the safety of the models we will not going to publish the photos of the show. 

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