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TranStyX original soundtrack is a work in progress by the musical duo Myllenium Capella composed of Saria and Moncef Zahrouni. The OST will include 3 songs (2 original songs and a cover). While lyrics were mainly written in English with few verses in French, the sound is a mix of both acoustic and electronic melodies harmonized to create an ambient lo-fi sound.  All music will soon be available for free streaming and download on Soundcloud and YouTube. 

All Copyrights Reserved,  © TranStyX 2019

Tomorrow (Final Theme)

Tomorrow, I will go

To a place where dreams don't thaw

Under the scorching sun of desert

For I know my verses are meant to snow

On solitary scarecrows

And in the dark of night will beam a rainbow

So don't ask me to stay

Don't ever betray the dream I hold under my swollen bruises

Tomorrow I will be beautiful

Tomorrow I will be sane

And I will be the girl who lived inside my head

But today I need to hide

in my gloomy frosty closet

Watch the mold growing as my life gets nullified

So don't ask me to stay, don't

Don't ever betray the dream I hold under my glaring eyebrows

Ils partent et ils vous laissent votre chose publique et vos mythes bibliques

Ils partent dans un avion, dans un bain de sang ou dans un coma éthylique

Ils partent car même leurs nietzschéens ne peuvent aimer ce destin tragique

Ils partent pour une dernière danse et un baisé rêvé au bord d’un titanique

Gloomy Sunday (Cover)

Sunday is gloomy

My hours are slumberless

Dearest the shadows

I live with are numberless

Little white flowers

Will never awaken you

Not where the black coach

Of sorrow has taken you

Angels have no thoughts

Of ever returning you

Would they be angry

If I thought of joining you

Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy is Sunday

With shadows I spend it all

My heart and I

Have decided to end it all

Soon there'll be candles

And prayers that are said I know

Let them not weep

Let them know that I'm glad to go

Death is no dream

For in death I'm caressin' you

With the last breath of my soul

I'll be blessin' you

Sad of all Sundays

Lady T (Main Theme)

They call me lady thrills

Hot blood inks my quill

I sow lust in your body drills

Then put it on the grill

They call me lady fire

I fuel insolent desires

I blaze, I burn, I am hot, I scald

Watch out my barbed wires

Pour vivre heureux, couchons cachés

Pour vivre heureux, soyons des caméléons

Pour vivre heureux, soyons dans les transes

They call me lady transe

At night I perform my dance

I slough off my skin on stage

Then I renew my stance

They call me lady strix

Would you dare to sail up my styx

I got no carrots under my latex dress

but some tasty hard stick

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