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While Arab countries -where totalitarian regimes collapsed during the “Arab Spring"- failed to fulfill a democratic transition, Tunisia succeeded in writing a more secular and human rights-centric constitution thereby laying foundation for democratic institutions to emerge.

Despite being misaligned with the new libertarian constitution, the regressive and discriminatory laws were not revoked. Therefore, LGBTQIA+ people are still persecuted and subjected to harassment and mistreatment by police forces and fellow citizens. Unfortunately, even gender expression through outfits can sentence people to jail.

Additionally, transgenderism is still a major taboo in Tunisia, and mass media treatment keeps on nurturing conflations around it and perpetuating prejudices and stereotypes about trans individuals and queers in general. Therefore, we thought of devising TranStyX, the first Tunisian unapologetically straightforward queer play, as an artistic riposte to put the topic back on the discussion table, raise awareness, and address misconceptions by promoting inclusive, hedonistic, and libertarian ethics. 

TranStyX Poster- Tunisian Queer Play

TranStyX is a Tunisian Queer play that premiered in December 2019




(1) Prefix. Across; beyond; on or to the other side of.

(2) Referring or relating to people whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.


Greek Mythology. One of the nine rivers in the underworld, over which Charon ferried the souls of the dead.

Where does the Styx drain? Is it possible to row against its current to reach The Elysian Fields ? Should the life of a trans be a tragic egodyssey predestined to be swept away by the Styx tide? 

TranStyX is considered as the first Tunisian Queer Play to straightforwardly and unapologetically address transgenderism and some of the major challenges faced by the local LGBTQIA+ community such as:

  • Queerphobia

  • Stigmatization

  • Family rejection

  • Discrimination in the marketplace

  • Absence/limitation of medical and psychological support

  • Inappropriate legislation

P R O J E C T   P A R T N E R S

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