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TranStyX, Queer Art project, is an LGBTQIA+ initiative that includes various components. Launched in 2018 by the local NGO Zanoobya, the project proposed a different artivist approach based on going mainstream to offer more visibility to the local queer community struggle with a focus on trans individuals. The project conceptor and director Moncef Zahrouni had the unconditional support of the iconic cultural and feminist activist Zeyneb Farhat and together they worked hand in hand to expand the project's horizons and make it reach a large audience and thus become a staple of the Tunisian queer culture.


PLAY​ (2019-2022)

Is the pillar component of the project. With its 27 performances, the play reached a large audience and was under the local and international media spotlight as the first unapologetically Tunisian Queer play paving, therefore, the way for other theater artists to produce Queer works.

FILM (2023)

Following the success of the play, the idea of making an LGBTQIA+ film of it emerged, motivated by the necessity of reaching an even wider audience, mainly in Tunisia and the Arab world. 69 talented artists and technicians have brought this ambitious project to life .

BOOK (2021)

The TranStyX book includes the theatrical play text, the lyrics of the original songs, two interviews with a trans man and a trans woman, and eventually an article about the laws that incriminate non-normative gender identities and sexual orientations in Tunisia.


In order to celebrate the play's last show, Seif Eddine Ben Slimane created "TranStyX: Expériences d'Outre-tombe", a fluid fashion show that associates different sources of inspiration such as smoking, black and white, Tunisian traditional costumes... The show goes beyond the categorical way of perceiving gender to exalt one identity: ART!

12 queer models proudly walked the runway following the last public play performance. 

Church of Euthanasia is a dystopian queer-themed digital performance produced by L'Art Rue in 2021. The performance was streamed live on Facebook and totaled 40K views in its first week. The artwork is a somber spin-off from TranStyX telling the story of Mayara and Esra, two women in love in times of death, disillusion, and decadence. 

The work uses various forms of art from theater to cinema through poetry and music.

Church of Euthanasia, The Second instalment of the StyX trilogy is now available on YouTube with FR subtitles (English ​coming soon)

O U R   P A R T N E R S

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